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There is a reason why Ultimate Hearing is the most-trusted and fastest-growing hearing practice in the Midwest. We have 18 convenient locations to choose from as well as a Mobile hearing clinic that is available for health shows and community fairs. Our hearing aid specialists have been changing lives for over 65 combined years. We offer patients a complete line of hearing instruments from low priced starter hearing aids to state of the art multi channel digital hearing instruments. We are available to answer any questions you or your family members may have regarding your hearing loss. There are never any charges for exams, follow up cleaning, or checkups. 

Our mission is to maximize the hearing potential in as many people across the country as possible by utilizing the best technology available in the market at the most affordable price while providing service above and beyond any of our competitors. Whether you want to come to one of our hearing aid centers or to our mobile hearing aid bus, you can count on us for unbeatable prices and service. If you are currently a hearing aid user and are not 100% happy with your hearing aids (regardless of what brand they are), we will inspect and clean your hearing aids at no charge, arrange for repair service if necessary, and provide you with a free package of fresh batteries for your aids