Richard Knakmuhs formed the Knakmuhs Agency in 1960, when he bought a very small agency on Main Street in Walnut Grove. In 1977 his son Kerry joined the business and added real estate sales into the mix. In 1987 a major expansion was made when the Tracy Agency was purchased. In 1993 another opportunity came along and we expanded into Garvin. As more family became interested in joining the agency, we found an opportunity in Westbrook and purchased an agency there in 2001 and added real estate sales to the Tracy and Westbrook locations. This made room for two of Kerry's sons to join the business. Matt came on board in 2001 and Nate joined in 2002, both having graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris. In 2014, Kerry's third son, Justin, joined the business, having graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University. We also found another opportunity to grow our business, and purchased the First Security Insurance business  in Storden.