You might be asking yourself exactly what is a “communication solution?” To us, delivering a “communication solution” means providing easily accessible, highly-secure, and redundant ways for organizations to engage their employees and customers. Our solutions are utilized by organizations and enterprises that have stringent requirements for quality, security, and scalability.

Here are some examples:

• Ever voted on a competition television series? You might have been talking to us.
• Attended an online meeting or conference? We’re the world’s largest conferencing service provider.
• Called in your work hours on an IVR system? We provide that too!
• Received emergency outage notifications from a utility company? Probably us.
• Appointment, medication, or preventative care reminders from your doctor? We help with all of that! 
• Made a call to 9-1-1 (hopefully you’re ok)? There is a good chance that it was routed through our network!

It may surprise you to learn that this is only a tiny fraction of the multiple industries that we serve. In fact, we are actively expanding in healthcare, telecommunications, public safety, education, financial services, utilities and consumer retail markets all the time. The wealth of technology at West translates into impressive career opportunities in a myriad of fields for those who are driven to better themselves and succeed in a professional setting.